What is new in smartphone app of HRMSMILE

We have also upgraded the HRMSMILE mobile version. In the mobile app, most of the features are the same as the web version. So, HR-staff and all employees can easily manage attendance records, leave, and other information in the mobile app also.

Current Release

May 25, 2020

New and enhanced features

No More Time Card

Employees can clock in or out by using our smartphone app.

Leave management

By using our smartphone app, employees and managers can get easy access to leave request and approval. The leave report gives accurate leave management as well.

Overtime management

Smartphone app provides overtime features as well that managers and employees can manage overtime hours and workflow will be much more efficient.

Attendance report

HR staff and managers can easily check the employees’ attendance reports as well.

Payroll Records

HR staff and managers can check and manage a full payroll record from the past to the present at any time by using our smartphone app.