New update for Web

We had developed two new features in the web version. The new function is called backup and restore under other Setting menus. It makes users to easily backup and restores of system data and other information. Another new feature is added in a monthly payment that can be defined cut-off payment date. So, the monthly payment calculation will be calculated depending on the cut-off date.

Current Release

May 21, 2020

New and enhanced features

Cut-off payment date change feature

Setting to define payment date for a monthly payment

  • HR staff can now enable to create/edit cut-off payment date. This setting is available at the company profile.
  • The monthly payment will calculate depending on the cut-off payment date.
Annual Attendance Report feature

Upgraded search criteria in the annual attendance report

  • Can check attendance report of each report by yearly, monthly and daily.
Employee's Contract Improvement feature

Added contract attachment in employee management

  • HR staff can add or edit employee contract attachment. It can also remove attachment when unwanted.
Backup and Restore feature

Added new backup and restore function under other setting menu.

  • HR staff can back up and restore system data and other information.
  • It also can delete unwanted backup data.
Employee Resignation Improvement feature

Upgraded resignation reason text field to a rich text editor.

  • The employee can easy to apply or modify the text and image using a rich editor.
Employee Position Changes List Improvement feature

Added new field in a search filter

  • Add new “Employee Id” in search criteria. So can search employee position with employee Id.

Employee Work Shift Improvement feature

Added new pop up dialog for showing employee information

  • When clicking count of “Assigned Employee Count ” and “Unassigned Employee Count “, it will display “Employee Id” and “Employee Name” list with Popup screen.

User Manual Improvement feature

Newly created HRM Smile user manual in English version and Myanmar Version

  • It will make easy for first time user to set up essential data in a step by step and understand the flow of the system.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue when an employee’s duty out or edits attendance, calculating attendance time correctly if has half-day leave request in duty shift time policy.
  • Fixed an issue when calculating attendance type is working hour show absence leave taken hours in daily attendance summary.
  • Fixed an issue that attendance device setting information move to daily attendance report screen.
  • Fixed an issue that remaining leaves do not show correctly in the monthly payment slip.
  • Fixed an issue when the monthly payment is done and fixed save user can’t modify any text fields in payment detail page.
  • Fixed an issue when the daily attendance editable date doesn’t match with defined cut-off payment date for a monthly payment.
  • Fixed an issue when the monthly payment is done and fixed save, the employee allowance and deduction history save not correctly.
  • Fixed an issue when the monthly payment fixed save validation shows not the same facial year.
  • Fixed an issue when the payment cut-off date is less than or equal 14 days monthly payment calculation is not correct.